Beowulf Achievement List Xbox 360

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Beowulf Achievement List Xbox 360:

<u>Completed Act One in Thane</u> – Complete Act One in Thane Difficulty
<u>Completed Act Two in Thane</u> – Complete Act Two in Thane Difficulty
<u>Game Completed in Thane</u> – Complete the game in Thane Difficulty
<u>Completed Act One in Legend</u> – Complete Act One in Legend Difficulty
<u>Completed Act Two in Legend</u> -Complete Act Two in Legend Difficulty
<u>Game Completed in Legend</u> – Complete the game in Legend Difficulty
<u>Legendary Collector</u> – Find all the Legendary Weapons
The Untouchable</u> – Block at least 58 Attacks
<u>Collateral Damage</u> – Break 58 different objects
<u>The Dodger</u> – Dodge at least 88 times
<u>Prison Break</u> – Find and save all Thane Prisoners
<u>Carnal Collector</u> – Find and collect all Carnal Rune Pieces
<u>Heroic Collector</u> – Find and collect all Heroic Runes Pieces
<u>Morale Gasser</u> – Activate the Heroic Storm 38 times
<u>Weapon Theft</u> – Steal a weapon from 28 different enemies
<u>The Slayer</u> – Kill multiple enemies with a single attack on 28 different occasions
<u>Weapons of Choice</u> – Kill at least 1 enemy with each of the available weapon types
<u>Reign’in Blood</u> – Obtain all of the Carnal Upgrades
<u>Rise of the King</u> – Obtain all of the Heroic Upgrades
<u>Brass Knuckles</u> – Kill 58 enemies with your bare hands
<u>Towering Strength</u> – Use Pillars to kill 8 enemies
<u>Memento of Carnage</u> – Kill 8 people within 1 Carnal Fury
<u>Memento of Glory</u> – Kill 8 enemies within 1 Heroic Storm
<u>Mythical Monster Slayer</u> – Max carnal index reached
<u>Legendary King</u> – Reach max heroic index
<u>The Perfect Song</u> – Perform the Grendel Song perfectly
<u>Eye Gouger</u> – Defeat the Sea Serpent
<u>Arm Ripper</u> – Defeat Grendel
<u>Heart Crusher</u> – Defeat the Wolf
<u>Ice Breaker</u> – Defeat Hela
<u>Dragonheart</u> – Defeat the Dragon

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