Health Benefits of Garlic

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Although garlic is great for warding off vampires; it has many other health benefits as well. It is nature’s wonder medicine. So keep some handy during vampire season, but eat it and cook with it all year round and it will keep you healthy enough to be immortal all on your own….well, almost! Below are some great health benefits of garlic.

Cancer: Garlic is known to lend to a healthy immune system. It reduces the formation of cancer cells and blocks cancer causing compounds from forming. It slows the growth of tumors. It seems to work especially well against breast, stomach, prostate and bladder cancers. The compound in garlic that shows the most health benefits is called Ajoene. They have shown in some studies to have reduced some tumor sizes by half.

High Blood Pressure: Garlic tends to thin the blood thereby reducing blood pressure issues. Many populations that ingest a lot of garlic also show reduced high blood pressure and heart disease.

Common Cold: Garlic has shown in other studies, that if taken at the first signs of a cold, garlic will take away the symptoms. This is probably due to its boosting of the immune system. Our natural defenses are boosted and are able to fight the cold.

Infections: Garlic also has anti-bacterial properties. Bacteria cells have been shown to die when they come in contact with garlic. In WWII, wounded were treated with garlic. It also has antiviral and antifungal properties and will treat intestinal issues, as well as yeast infections. Do not replace your antibiotics with garlic, only use them as an assistant.

Pregnancy: Studies in England have shown that garlic may help weight gain for babies that may be at risk of low birth weight. It may also reduce chances of PreClampsia brought on by high blood pressure.

Impotence: Those suffering from impotence sometimes turn to garlic. It is already known that garlic aids in blood circulation and keeps veins and arteries young and healthy and that is how impotence is dealt with. Garlic stimulates the production of nitric oxide synthase which is required to obtain an erection.

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