Psychic Readings, What You Should Know

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There are some very important things that you should know and take under consideration before you visit a psychic for a reading. The first thing that you should know is that your mood will affect the reading. Make sure that you are calm and relaxed. Never seek a reading if you are angry or tense. Your reader will need to be able to feel your energy and anger and stress can block the flow of energy.

Once you are prepared mentally, call or email your reader before you meet in person. Not only can your reader get a ‘feel’ for you ahead of time, you can get an impression of your reader as well. The reader is obviously a very important part of this process, not just ‘fate’.

When you get your readings, this means that the reader has been trained to interpret a ‘most likely’ scenario….much like a doctor. They have been trained to read the signs. They can only work with what you give them, so you must be relaxed and open.

What follows this reasoning is that no future is set. Everything is fluid. You always have the final say and decision on what happens to your future. The psychic can tell you that it appears that A+B+C will equal D occurring. If you don’t like D as an option, change your equation.

You always know more about yourself than the psychic. The Higher Self that is part of you always knows what the best course is for you. Your psychic reading may nudge you or bring to mind options that you hadn’t thought of, or even consequences that you hadn’t considered, so a reading can be very helpful, but all of the information that a reader gives you will be relative and symbolic.

Many people have gotten readings and thought that their fate was sealed. A good psychic will tell you otherwise. Ultimately, just remember that NOTHING is set in stone.

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