a couple poems i wrote while bored

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as i sit here staring into the blankness that is life i come to the bland realization that all that is once interesting is gone and i myself am stuck here in this grey bubble floating away through the duldrums of this lazy lazy time of day i look only to see grey all around me perhaps by the end something might happen probably not though

The Writer

Looking unto this sea of faces,

 this ocean of bodies,

I feel truly alone,

I feel though I am a single lone island in the middle of a sea of emptyness,

as i look desperately into this ocean i start to see few familiar faces but still nonetheless it is empty except for me,

i look down deep into my noteebook my true only safe haven,

and i write i let my emotions fill the page let my loneliness form words,

then shape and twist the words into something beautiful,

as though i am a jeweler making the finest jewelry from the ugliest of rocks,

as the minutes turn to hours and the sea outside continues to throng,

i continue to write i continue to confide it all to my one  true friend my notebook,

and even though it will one day be filled to the brim it will never be dead it will still be my only friend,

as i write the final words i can squeeze into this already filled page,

i stop and i reflect and i realize one thing,

this loneliness,

this emptyness, ‘

this notebook,

they are all a part of me for i am a writer and nothing else will ever matter.

hey if u like my work refer it to ur friends it helps ya know?


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