An Alternative to De-Clawing Your Cat

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Cats love to claw your furniture. Sometimes they will have a favorite chair that they destroy or perhaps it’s an expensive rug. Chair rails, molding, bedding, even suitcases and backpacks; there is no end to what a cat will sharpen its claws on. Cats prefer stationery items such as big furniture that won’t move around on them when they are digging in. Since they are not only sharpening, but also leaving scent, they will roam around and claw up your other items as well!

Some people do not like the idea of de-clawing. They have a variety of reasons for seeking alternatives. There is a safe effective way to save your furniture. It’s called Soft Paws. They are little nail tips that ‘glue’ onto the cat’s claws. They are tiny and shaped like a claw. They come in a variety of colors too, so your cat is always stylish and seasonal!

When you receive your package of Soft Paws, it will include Soft Paws tips, glue and applicator tips. The glue is a safe non-toxic adhesive and the tips are also non-toxic.

You simply clip of the point of your cat’s claw, put some glue in the Soft Paw and slip it over the claw. Hold your cat for a few minutes while the glue dries.

The cats are not bothered at all by the Soft Paws. It does not interfere with any of their daily activities, however, it may not be advisable to use them on an outdoor cat as it does take down their defenses. The Paws stay on abut 4-6 weeks. They fall off naturally as the nail grows.

Visit Soft Paws and check them out! Save your furniture!

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