How I Wrote 100 Article in 30 Days for Ehow and Bukisa

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When I first set on this course of freelance writing a little over a month ago, I wasn’t sure what to write about. I read repeatedly that in order to make any money I would need at least 100 articles. Wow! I knew that there were many things that I had knowledge of but I wasn’t sure I could write enough articles to make any difference. As it turns out, each and every day presents new ideas. Here’s how I moved forward in my freelance writing adventure.

At the outset, I simply sat down with pen and paper and thought of my daily life in the present and what I did and had to deal with every day. It was easy to jot down at least ten ideas related to work, marriage, children and education. I expanded those into ‘how to’ written form, from my own personal perspective. I didn’t worry about being a ‘real’ writer. If you can communicate, you are a real writer. There is an audience for the way that you write, guaranteed.

After those first ideas, I considered family life and experiences, such as child rearing, marriages, divorces, relationships, vacations, and even the things that we like to eat. I proceeded to expand those ideas.

School started and on the heels of school is the holiday season. Suddenly there were craft and recipe ideas that had always been school or holiday traditions. More ideas for me to expand.

My mind then roamed into the territory of family members’ likes, dislikes, issues, and even their idols. More ideas. It even occurred to me to write an article on how to get ideas by finding out what other people in the world want to know about. You can read that article here.

I always have pen and paper handy so that I can take notes. I take a lot of notes on my ideas. Sometimes those turn into articles, sometimes they don’t.

I hand write articles when I can. I find that easier to fit into my schedule. It’s an extra step for some but it works for me. I home school during the day. When my daughter has to write an essay, I look at my notes and I write articles. When she has a reading assignment, I write. When she takes lunch, I write. When she is done, I take over the computer and transfer what I’ve written to MSWord, edit it and save it. I usually have other business to attend to for the rest of the day.

Either late afternoon, early evening, or after everyone is in bed, I submit my articles to Bukisa. 100 articles in 30 days is a little over 3 a day, or over 5 if you don’t work weekends. I worked weekends and will continue to when I can. No matter your situation during the day, you can probably schedule in an average of 3+ per day. Some of my time has been spent researching some of the web’s top writers to see how they use keywords and how they get hits. This is highly recommended.

I signed up first to write for eHow. I gave it a couple of weeks but eHow was going through so many changes that it became very frustrating to deal with their software and get anything submitted. It was one problem after another. Recently I moved all of my articles to Bukisa. I continue to write from Bukisa. So far the money is about the same.

That’s how I wrote 100 articles in 30 days. You will, of course, arrange your writing around your own schedule, but the basics will remain the same: write what you know, time management and Stick To It!

Would you like to write for Bukisa? There is, of course, no fee and it is legitimate. Click here for more info and an application.


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