The Love of Night

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The Love of Night.

As I stand here tonight i look into the sky,

I look and see such a splendid beauty,

Watching the clouds glow a shade of lovely lavender,

As i stare i smile for i see the moon come from behind the clouds,

 It lights my world turning me such a brillient shade of pink,

 As to act in harmony to the clouds of lavender,

When i lower my gaze isee the earth glow red bathing me in its light and its love,

It holds me and embraces me within its glow,

I continue to look about my splendid night time world,

I look and stare deep into the calmness of the aquamarine lake,

I stare looking into myself and the night sky above i stare in awe.

When i look up from this aquamarine dream i see the world,

I look about my world and just stare deep into the beauty of it,

 Mezmorized by its beauty lost in its love,

 I just lay staring deep into the sky watching the clouds flow,

They flow away showing the blackk darkness behind them,

 As i stare deeper and deeper into this darkness,

 I see the gold of stars glow before me slowly warming my heart,

 I smile letting the silvery air engulf me i smile,

I keep looking into my world smiling for i am at peace,

 For i am in love


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