8 Tips To Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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The sweet moment of your evening is as important as choosing your dress.Discover all our advice finale of your wedding dinner.

When making your decision?

Do not rush.It is best to choose your cake along with the catering. That is to say, six months before the wedding.The pastry should provide you with samples.Compare and enjoy with family is always more fun.

Meet the caterer
When you choose your menu, make sure the dessert is included in the estimate.It would be a shame to have a bad surprise at the last minute.If you have a preference for another confectioner, you can also decide not to use the services of the caterer

Large part or small part?
Attention to imagine the quantity and size of the cake when placing the order.Do not in excess, do not see too much.Generally, most guests do not really hungry for the dessert. Reduce the number of units from 20 to 25% will be ample.

And why not two desserts?
Why only one dessert? You can vary the pleasures and opt for a handset.A first course, light at the end of the meal consists of jacks or chocolates and later in the evening a wedding cake.This break in the middle of the night will be very appreciated by your guests.

Dare originality!
Traditionally, the bride chooses the cake according to his tastes.No exception to this rule and allow free rein to your desires.The wedding cake made of cream puffs and nougat is not inevitable.Choose a pyramid of buttons, a farandole of desserts or composition to the U.S. on several floors.

Beautiful and good!
Especially think about staging: fireworks, music, throwing flowers, confetti, roses. Nothing is too good for this crucial time.

Each season his cake
One last detail, consider the date of marriage to choose your cake. In summer, for example, avoid the pastries, which tend not to withstand heat.


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