Protect Your Child From School Illnesses and Infections

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Be sure your child understands the importance of good hand washing. Your child needs to know that it’s important to wash his hands constantly after using the bathroom, before eating, after blowing his nose, and after touching his face. Teaching your child to wash his hands on a consistent basis will help to protect him from school illnesses and infections that spread from child to child. Children do not always know how to take preventative measures in staying healthy. Help your child stay well during the school season by teaching him proper hand washing techniques. Be sure he uses warm water, lots of soap, and constant friction for at least 15-20 seconds. He’ll ward off germs in school this way.

Teach your child that touching others is not a good idea when they are sick or if he is sick. Your child will be around many children in school and some of those children will have colds, the flu, or other viral infections. If you teach your child to beware of others who are sick, they have a better chance of staying healthy and avoiding illness in school. Many children in school sit in close proximity, give each other hugs, or sometimes even grab hands or arms. Help your child to understand that germs are spread through close contact such as this and that protecting himself from illness comes from staying away from others when they are sick. If your child is the lovable type and gives lots of attention to others, teach him to use hand sanitizer when touching others so that he avoids germs and stays healthy.

Help your child to avoid illness and infection in school by teaching him not to share drinks, food, or anything that’s been in another child’s mouth, such as gum (yes, kids do share chewed up gum at times…amazingly). Teach your child that saliva carries many germs and just a sneeze from another child can make your child sick if the saliva hits him. When another child is sick and your child shares a drink with that child, he increase his chance of getting a school illness or infection by double than if he had not shared a drink. Teach your child to stay safe from sickness in school by only eating and drinking his own food or taking food that is already packaged. Help your child understand how easily germs are spread from child to child and how sickness can be obtained by your child when other children are ill.

Help prevent your child getting ill in school by feeding him healthy foods and giving him a daily multivitamin. Keeping your child’s immune system strong through foods like fruits and vegetables and giving him a daily multivitamin will help him to be able to fight of illnesses that enter his system. The stronger your child’s immune system, the better chance he will not acquire school illnesses or infections. Multivitamins are great for giving your child added minerals to strengthen his body and help him stay healthy. Ask your pediatrician about foods that are rich in infection fighting power such as oranges, apples, and broccoli (to name a few). Also, ask your pediatrician about a good multivitamin that will help your child steer clear of school illnesses and infections by strengthening his immune system.


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