Ways to Encourage Your Child to Get Ready On Time in The Morning

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Wake up with enough time to get both you and your child ready. Figure out how long it takes you to get showered, dressed, and dolled up for work and add that time to how long you think it should take your child to get ready. A good way to do this is to get your child up as soon as you wake (usually about an hour and a half before you have to be to work, depending on how far away from work you are…figure an hour to get you both ready and then however long it takes to get to work). This way, he can lay on the couch and try to get himself fully awake while you shower.

After showering, get your child some breakfast, since he has now had about 15-20 minutes to wake himself up. Tell him he has about 20 minutes to eat his breakfast. This will ensure that he knows he has a time limit and must finish in this allotted time. While your child is eating breakfast, start getting ready yourself. Keep checking on your child, either by calling out to him, or looking in on him, to be sure he is eating in a timely manner.

Half way through getting ready, go out to your child and ask him to get dressed. Even if he is not fully done with his breakfast, you may have to stop him and prompt him to get his clothes on. Go back to getting ready yourself until you are almost finished with this process. Call out to your child often to be sure he is motivating himself to get dressed in a timely manner. Have him come in a brush his teeth when he is finished.

By now, you should be done getting ready yourself. While your child is brushing his teeth, get your lunches ready and his book bag all packed up. Prompt your child to finish his teeth and come get his shoes on. Your child should now be completely ready and so should you. This routine should have taken you both about an hour so that you can still have nearly half an hour to drop him off at school and get to work on time yourself.


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