Communist China and Freedom of Press: Sample Hong Kong

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<u>Communist China and Freedom of Press: Sample Hong Kong</u>

brotee mukhopadhyay

Protest march of September 13, 2009 (Sunday) by the journalists organized by HKJA (Hong Kong Journalists’ Association) and many other news outlets in Hong Kong against the atrocities of the Chinese police who had attacked three reporters on September 4 should be fresh eye-opener on the attitude of the Communists China towards freedom of press and human rights.

The three press persons (TVB reporter Lam Tsz-ho, cameraman Lam Chun-wai and cameraman Lau Wing-chuen) were engaged in professional job in Urumqui when thousands of Hans Chinese was protesting against the sporadic syringe-infliction upon them by the Uighur Muslims. Riot-controlling security forces used tear gas to pacify the demonstrators.

The Chinese security personnel took the opportunity to punch, kick and tie up the working journalist and the cameramen and detain them for three hours.

When footage of the inhuman assault against the innocent press workers were shown to public, Hong Kong noticed a great stirring. People of different cross-sections participated in the protest march in which posters carrying the demands such as “respect press freedom” and “reporting the news is not crime” were displayed. Many of the participants wore black as a mark of disapproval of the role of the Chinese authority.

It is reported that a Xinjiang official has expressed regret for the incident. But he has accused the reporters in the same breath. He has accused that the reporters had no working permits when they were on the spot. He has also stated that they were exciting the unrest.


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