Save Money on Family Road Trips

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You can save money on road trips just by taking advantage of the recession’s family savings opportunities. From hotel deals to saving on dining, below are some great money saving tips that will get you to your destination without having to break the bank.

Save on gas by visiting where they will list daily competitive gas prices. Also take advantage of various gas stations membership programs that help you save money on your next fuel-up. For instance, Speedway Gas has a membership called Speedy Rewards that not only gives you gas discounts, but the points that you earn can go towards free food and drinks.

When you are on the road and you cannot find your favorite gas station, don’t hesitate to stop at a truck stop (they don’t just sell diesel fuel) because their fuel prices are lower than automobile gas prices. Buy cheap fuel that is almost .05 cents less than the average gas price.

Save on hotel stay when you sign up for your favorite hotels membership services. From the Hyatt to The Hampton Inn, you can save on average 50% or more on your second stay. So take advantage of these membership programs as they are often offered free or low membership fee’s to join.

Save money on dining and food by visiting a local farmer’s market. Not only will you be eating fresh, organically grown food, you can buy a lot to feed a full family without having to spend a lot. This way, you can save money on food and have enough money left over to eat out at a fancy restaurant later on.

Save money on road trips by investing in coupon travel guides. Whether you obtain them free in the mail or are interested in buying some, these coupon books can be highly beneficial as they can help you save on your favorite restaurants, shopping centers, and travel attractions.

Save money on travel by joining AAA and Costco travel programs as they too offer great deals on your travel destinations. Costco gives their members gas discounts and AAA will be your roadside assistance if you ran into vehicle problems on your way.


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