Final Letter Of Resignation.

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Now, what I’ve never quite understood is why you people blamed me for everything. It’s not as if it’s my fault. I suppose I could be partly to blame, for I was the one who supplied you with what you needed to make your whole world cave in around you, I think I just thought you wouldn’t be as foolish to actually use it the way you did. But that is no excuse, for if a parent carelessly left a gun near a young child, would that parent not then be held, at least partly, responsible for any “unpleasantness” that may arise as a result?

And I make an effort to contact you to warn you that if you continue down this path, you will not like what is at the end. What is the world coming to when less and less people are believing? Although, it may be justified when I stay so far away as I am afraid to even glance at what I have created, because I feel such shame that I thrust the world upon you, while I knew you would be careless, reckless and irresponsible. You were not ready for what I gave you, and you never will be. And even after this letter, I know you will ignore every single little thing I say. Before the days of “science”, this letter would have been worshipped. But now? Now it will mean nothing, and it will drift away, it will be forgotten, lost.

It is sad, but, as a result of what the world has come to, I have had enough. You don’t appreciate me, nor do you respect me. There are many people who claim to be “my people”, but have no idea what those words mean. I’m fed up. If you don’t want me in your life, then I won’t be there, for any of you.






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