Cure Allergies Naturally

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If your physician has prescribed allergy relief medications, it is best if you take it before you come in contact with certain allergy triggers. For example, if you are visiting a friend who has a cat, then you need to take your allergy medication 2-3 hrs. before you are exposed to pet dander.

Consider homeopathic allergy relief. Homeopathatic allergy relief can be very powerful as these non traditional methods have been studied and proven to be effective. Patients especially suffering from allergy asthma symptoms can benefit from chiropractic services and spinal manipulation. Chiro One is an institute specifically designed to help allergy suffers get relief because spinal manipulation places pressure aggravated parts of the spinal nerve that is responsible for allergy symptoms.

Herbal allergy remeies can be highly effective as well. This includes aromatherapy techniques as well: Steamed Euclayptus eases congestion, ginger and licorice root reduces inflammation, chamomile tea fights fever attacks, St. John’s Wort reduces sinus headaches, rooibos has effective antihistamine properties.

Mediation and yoga focus on breathing and they work wonders with allergy suffers. These activities are known for training the active mind and help settle the body,including the breathing. Acupuncture is yet another method to contribute to allergy relief.

One of the best ways to ease nasal allergy symptoms is to invest in a neti pot (found at your local drugstore) and cleanse out the nasal passageway of pollen, pollution, and other yuckies that you are allergic to away. Dr. Oz has described the neti pot as one of the best all natural remedies for allergy suffers; simply mixing warm water and salt can mechanically clean out the problem.


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