Broncos Win On Amazing Catch

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The Denver Broncos and Cincanatti Bengals game was a very low non exciting game until the last 3 minutes of the game. Not much scoring from both teams who were both struggling to find consistency in there offense. The Broncos have scored off of two field goals which gave them a 6 nothng lead most of the game. The Bengals tried a field goal during the first quarter which was no good to a bad snap which led the Bengals down 6 nothing at the half.

In the second half both teams still couldn’t put a nice offenseive drive together to put any points on the board. The Bengals would have a couple of good plays going for them until about third down to where Carsoin Palmer would end up getting sacked and would be forced to punt. The same could be said for the Broncos as well. Still neither teams could put any points on the board during the third quarter. 

Towards the end of the fourth quarter with 3 minutes left on the clock is when the action began in the game. With the Bengals down 6 to nothing they needed to drive the field to score to win the game. With the ball in the hands of the Bengals with 3 minutes left they start to drive down the field with a couple of catches from ochocinco to take it down to the 20 yard line. With a couple plays that drove them down the field to lead to a Cedric Benson 1 yard score which left 20 seconds on the clock. With 20 seconds left on the clock and Denver has the ball the first play was a pass to Brandon Marshall that was intercepted but the Bengals player was out of bounds. The next play was passed down the field when the Bengals player deflected the ball in the air and Brandon stokely caught it and ran it in for a touchdown that left 11 seconds on the clock. That gave the Bengals the ball back that ended up being a deep pass down the field to be intercepted by Denver to end the game.


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