How to Identify Signs of Boredom in Yourself

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We go through life feeling different emotions everyday. Once in a while we find ourselves feeling bored and unmotivated to do something. However, there are some people who just can’t tell that boredom has set in so they try so hard to figure out what’s wrong with them. This article will tell you how to tell the signs that you are bored.Hopefully after reading this, you’ll do something about it and start feeling motivated again.

Sign # 1: You want to do something but you feel too uninterested, lazy, and tired. So you ignore doing the task but at the end of the day you feel miserably guilty.

Sign # 2: When watching a movie, your eyes are fixed on the screen but your mind is somewhere else. You wish you are in a different place and doing something new.

Sign # 3: When you are doing tasks in school, at home or at work, you lose the enthusiasm to do them well. You just did it because you have to. You obviously lost the motivation and the drive.

Sign # 4: When you talk to people, you avoid making eye contact as much as possible. You are anxious they’ll know you can’t wait for them to stop talking and leave.

Sign # 5: When you feel you don’t have anything interesting to do, you tend to do things over the limit such as overeating, over exercising, etc. just to pass the time.

Sign # 6: You lose the enthusiasm to interact with people. You have that feeling that you should have company to feel better but you are simply not in the mood to socialize.

Sign # 7: You are irritable, sensitive and emotional about everything. You feel there is nothing to look forward to everyday and you expect you will stay in the rut forever.

Sign # 8: You wear that blank expression in your face without even knowing about it.

Sign # 9: You can tell exactly what you will do in a particular hour of the day and how. You memorize the routines already and just thinking about it makes you nauseous.

Sign # 10: You tried to find ways to keep yourself from feeling bored but you still end up being uninterested to do them. You got tired trying.

If you agreed to most of these signs of boredom, consider yourself guilty. But that’s okay. It is a natural human emotion and all of us go through this moment in life from time to time. The big difference, however, is what you do to get over them. Remember, too much boredom can cause depression in the long run.


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