Gain Healthy Weight and Avoid Being Too Skinny

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Eat good for you foods to gain weight and steer clear of fattening and sugary foods. Eating right is the best way to gain weight, just as it is for losing weight. Taking in lots of fruits, vegetables, and following your food group guidelines, will help you to gain healthy amounts of weight and muscle mass. Good for you foods such as fruits and vegetables create a healthy weight gain by providing your body with vitamins and minerals necessary for it to gain good muscle mass. Talk to your physician on the amounts of good foods you should be eating to properly gain weight and stay healthy.

Use moderate exercise to gain weight in a healthy way. Just as exercise is good for losing weight, it is also equally great for gaining weight. Exercise strengthens muscles and increases weight by increasing muscle mass. Walking daily just 30 minutes a day can help you to gain healthy amounts of weight by increasing muscle mass. You can even lift weights or do some form of weight training to gain weight through gaining healthy muscle. Any type of exercise you do to increase muscle is great for gaining weight the healthy way.

Eat plenty of protein to gain weight. Protein is the main source for creating healthy muscle mass and therefore gaining weight effectively. Try eating more lean meats such as chicken, pork, and fish such as tuna. Peanut butter and eggs are also great forms of protein for gaining muscle mass and healthy weight. You can also try drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars daily to gain weight the healthy way. However, talk to your physician first to understand the benefits and risks of taking in too much protein and/or drinking protein supplements/protein bars.

Snack on healthy foods often to gain weight. Eating in between meals is a great way to gain weight, as long as you choose healthy snacks. Foods high in protein are best for snacking on in between meals to help you gain muscle mass as well. Snacks that are high in calories, but low in fat are the best way to go such as fruits, vegetables, and whole wheat foods. Foods high in carbohydrates will only burn off quickly leaving you feeling sluggish instead of full and energetic. Opt for chicken, fish, lean meats, and nuts for easy snacks that will help you to gain weight. Try to eat at least 4-5 snacks a day to maximize your weight gaining ability. Beans are also a great source of protein that will help you gain healthy weight as well.

Be sure to add more calories to your diet in order to gain weight. Start by tracking how many calories you take in on a normal day by keeping a journal for the week. Eat as you normally would, but keep track of all the calories you eat. Then, after this first week, start eating to gain weight by introducing at least 500 more calories a day for a week. Weigh yourself after this first week to see how much weight you’ve gained. Keep adding 500 more calories a day for another week and then after until you’ve gained the amount your happy with. Maintain this weight by eating that many calories a day from now on. See resource list below for an online calorie counter than can help you track calories and gain weight.


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