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HVAC Company Changing Over to Green Energy Efficient A/C Systems, an HVAC company that serves the New York City area, announced on August 18th that they have begun to change to green energy and efficient air conditioning units.  Ronnie Oberlender, CEO and founder, is doing everything he can to help help the community; by turning to green, energy-efficient air conditioning units, not only is the environment helped, but the customers are also able to save money on their electric bills.

On the website, Oberlender states “Now our customers can shop for and order AC system upgrade. Everybody wins – we expand our product market, help environment and customers can save money.” Customers are able to request an AC upgrade and offers an affordable way to switch over to green energy. has served as an HVAC contractor in the NYC area for the last 16 years and is a leader in the field.  Their switch to green energy is one that will soon be necessitated by changes in the HVAC industry.

By 2020, R 22, the old refrigerant in central air conditioners, will be almost completely phased out and will have been replaced by R-410A.  In the next 2 years, manufacturers will only be able to produce R 22 for already-existing equipment.  New central air conditioners will eventually have to use R-410A.  R 22 is being phased out because of its negative impact on the ozone layer.  It adds to global warming by damaging the ozone layer.  R 22 was first slated to be phased out after the 1987 Montreal Protocol due to the chlorine gas that it emits.

Customers should consider this when purchasing their HVAC units; while many manufacturers are on schedule for the phasing out, not all are.  As a result,’s decision to offer energy-efficient and green energy air conditioning units is very helpful.  Customers do not have to take as much of their own time and energy to ensure that the air conditioning unit they purchase has the necessary components to work with R-410A. 

Additionally, because the shift is coming, where R 22 central air conditioning units will be more obsolete, their prices are more and more expensive.  Conversely, R-410A compliant air conditioning units have dropping prices. 

An added incentive for buyers is that the recently passed federal stimulus bill allows homeowners to claim a $1500 tax credit for installations of qualifying air conditioning units that occur between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010.  The passed bill also overrode the $500 lifetime cap for earlier tax credits that homeowners might have received. 

By upgrading today, customers can receive the tax credit, help the environment, and start to save on their electric bills!  All of this for installing a green energy, more energy-efficient air conditioning unit!  Why wouldn’t someone take advantage of this golden opportunity? 

Join in helping impact the environment in a positive manner.  Upgrade your central air conditioning unit today and use green energy in your home.  Start saving money on your bills immediately.  This is not an opportunity that you want to pass up!


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