How to get Free Games and Stuff

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Many people play games in there free time and as many ppl know it cost money to get the games they like to play. You can also get xbox live codes,suck at xbox live gamer time or microsoft points used for purchasing stuff like downloads for games and more.  But, if you’d rather have paypal cash or gift cards then that is accesible as well.  But, im gonna show you a simple way to get around that.  All you have to do is do what you normally do and that is just surf the enternet like usual. Many of us cant afford all the new games when they first come out but now you can get them just by surfing the net.  Its simple and free and worth trying out.

1.Sign up on this site search&win.  An online portal dedicated to helping you earn digital dollars which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise

2.Digital dollars are periodically awarded as you search the web. anything you want in the search bar and earn digital dolloars used for redeeming merchandise such as games or consoles.

Invite your friends in on this secret and they can be earning themselves free games to play  in there free time as well.  Its easy to do and doesnt affect what you normally do on the web.  It is simple and they would enjoy the benefits of just surfing the web and earning something for pratically doing nothing but what they would normally do in there free time.  Try it and see.


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