Taranto, Italy: Four Main Sites

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Taranto is a city in the region of Puglia situated in southern Italy and it remains close to the Gulf of Taranto in the Ionian Sea and it is called the city of two seas because it borders what it is known as “Il Mar Grande” (Big Sea) and “Il Mar Piccolo” (Little Sea). The history of the city dates back to 706 B.C, according to the Italian Wikipedia (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taranto), by Dorian Greek immigrants and within years the city gained more and more power becoming a very important city of Ancient Greece ruling over the Greek colonies in southern Italy but with the Roman conquests the city lost its powers. The following are some of the city’s main sites to go visit, when touring the place.

The first one is the Castello Aragonese (Aragon’s Castle) and it occupies the extreme angle of the island in which the ancient part of the city is located. This castle was built as a fortress around the tenth century by the Byzantines and then rebuilt and finished in 1492.

Another site is another fortress called the “Forte de Laclos” and this one was built by the orders of Napoleon at the end of the eighteenth century on the island of San Paolo and it extends for over six thousand square meters and it was meant to defend the city of Taranto. The fortress is in disuse but the architectural structure still remains as it used to be, as the stones that were used to have it built seem to be rare fossils and which make the area a protected area.

And there is also the Ponte Girevole (also known as the “Ponte di San Francesco di Paola) which is the structure that connects the island of Borgo Antico to the peninsula of the Borgo Nuovo and it was inaugurated on May 22nd 1887 by the Admiral Ferdinando Acton and in the middle of the twentieth century the structure was modernized with an electric panel to make it go according to the Italian Wikipedia (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taranto). This Swing Bridge is also the symbol of the city of Taranto.

Then there are the necropolis from Ancient Greece and the Romans which gave the archeologist a lot of information in regards to the life style, culture and history of the city. Inside the necropolis you can see different styles of tombs that were used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans.


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