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In my effort to help build Bukisa into a more close knit community of writers, I decided to start a series of articles called Bukisa’s Writer of the day.

In these articles, I hope to talk a different Bukisa contributor, tell why I like their writing, and encourage others to take a look at their work.

Today’s Bukisa writer of the day is MamaHeartfilled.

I recently read some of this writers articles on pets and found her to be both an interesting writing and informative as to her subject matter. She writes in a manner that is clear and easy to understand and her love for animals is evident in her work.

It will be interesting to see what new articles and animals she chooses to write about.

I would encourage, anyone who loves animals to read some of her work. Her profile page can be found at:


My Second writer of the day is freeopp.

His articles range from great advice on buying to computers to helpful hints on getting that job to charming fish tales. He is new to the site but has already published several high quality articles that are well worth reading.

He’s knowledgeable on the subjects he chooses to write about and does so in a clear easy to follow manner. His articles are done in a very professional and informative manner.

To read more of Freeopp works you can visit his profile page at:http://www.bukisa.com/people/freeopp

I would encourage all of you who have stumbled across an enjoyable or knowledgeable writer in browsing through Bukisa, that you take the time to give a shout out for these writers and call attention to their work so others may enjoy them too.

And please keep following this series as you just may find that one day you are my writer for the day!


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