Tips on how to develop a successful home business

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So you want to create a successful home business. You must have a viable product or service, and a plan that covers critical things like marketing of your service or product and that forsee’s pitfalls such as licensing, restrictions on the sales of products and services in certain areas, et al. If you are selling somebody else’s product, investigate them thoroughly before commiting time…and more importantly monies that you worked hard to earn in the first place. Go on the Internet and see if they have any complaints against them. I do it every time a scam pops up in my spam inbox. All I do is enter keyphrases, such as ‘complaints against such and such a company.’

Scams are a dime a dozen on the internet-scrutinize every offer carefully that you come across. As a freelance writer (technically a home business), I’ve seen enough scams from shady publishing services and agents looking for my money. Investigate! Investigate!

Investigate! Be wary of any company who has testimonies of actual clients making five to fifteen thousand dollars a month! A lot of these companies are very thin veneers for the infamous ‘pyramid-schemes’. If they’re not a pyramid-scheme, there is some angle…and personal investment that you don’t want to visit! As an entrepeneur, use your head and your own ideas. Who knows? You may be the next tycoon in the making…don’t be a victim.

If it’s your product, make sure it’s not patented by somebody else, or some other budding entrepeneur has a copyright on the logo. Check it out thoroughly through patent and intellectual property sites through the government. You don’t want to be sued on top of everything else. Lawsuits can be nasty and could take you for every cent you have, even if you were totally innocent and never realized that it was somebody else’s idea.

Advertising is very important in any business. For whatever business you are offering, try and get a little free publicity in strategic locations near your home, such as a community centre, a senior’s centre, a bulletin board in your grocery store-and of course the Internet! If you are offering services, do an absolutely flawless job and offer a good price (part of your constantly updated plan) Be very polite, courteous-and smile to your customers. Politeness is a good part of running a small business. If you are selling a product or service-always be honest and fair.


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