Living with a Dream

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Livng with a Dream

by Keith Sweeney

The headaches, heartaches, and daily disasters that make life a foe as much as it does a freind seem to be magnified when are tring to nurish a dream. An insipation to one day become someone you have only seen in your imagination can play a heavy toll on oneself.

It has become a common ground for alcohol and drug abuse or addition, depression and anxiety, and suiside.And yet for all is bad  affects the good effects win millions over to want to chase their dreams, and we are thankful for it. Some aspire to be actors, some musicians, others just a perfession that seems out of reach. The one great thing about the world today is that it is shaping itself toward and around this exact audiance.

The computer age is a great tool for such a person. Eventhough the favor is usually not in the individuals corner. It does help and artist just be cable of expression. I can remember feeling like my hands are tied with no way of expressing. The computer and internet allows me to do that whether there is any real connection with anyone or not.

All an artist needs is a canvas, not nessarilly a gallery. This is still sometimes frustrating, but not in the same way and seems to be a little more of a mild frustration. Remember that a dreamer is not a dreamer after all  their dreams are captured. And that sometimes can bring on a whole new set of problems. Life it is definitly the four letter word we are all having to deal with!


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