How to Be Safe and Have a Happy Halloween

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halloween-main_Thumb.jpg Having a safe and happy Halloween

  1. Step 1halloweencandy_Thumb.jpg always check candy to make sure it’s safe before eating

    CHECK CANDY – It’s a good idea to wait until you get home and check the candy before letting your kids eat any candy. If you decide to let your kids have any candy while you’re trick or treating, make sure they do not eat any candy that has already been opened or tampered with in any way.

  2. Step 2halloweeninsight_Thumb.jpg keep kids in sight at all times while trick or treating

    KEEP CHILDREN IN SIGHT – Always keep your children in your sight while trick or treating. It will be dark and there may be a lot of other children out and about, so keep your children safe by knowing where they are at all times.

  3. Step 3flashlight_Thumb.jpg use a flashlight to see and be seen better at night

    FLASHLIGHTS – It’s also a great idea to have a flashlight for your child. Again, it will be dark and this will help them to see better and may prevent them from falling or being injured, as well as to help other trick or treaters or drivers see them.

  4. Step 4halloweenbrightcostume1_Thumb.jpg wear bright colored costumes and clothing

    BRIGHT CLOTHING – If at all possible, have your child wear bright colored clothing or costumes. This will help you and others see them better at night. Also, make sure that their clothing or costumes are not restrictive and that they can breathe and move easily in them.

  5. Step 5halloweenbrightcostume_Thumb.jpg walk, don’t run while trick or treating to avoid injury

    WALKING – While your children are trick or treating, make sure that they walk and do not let them run. Halloween can be an exciting time for a child and they may be eager to get to the next house and the next treat, but it will be dark and if your child is running, they could trip or fall and get injured.

  6. Step 6halloweendriving_Thumb.jpg use extra caution while driving on Halloween night

    DRIVING – If you are going to be driving on Halloween, whether taking your kids trick or treating or just traveling, remember to drive slowly and watch for kids walking. Halloween is a busy time and there is usually a lot of traffic so use caution at all times.


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