5 Tips for Permanent Weight Loss: Get it Off and Keep it Off

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When considering a weight loss plan, it is vital that you set up priorities and stick with your weight loss goals. Here are five steps to take to get on track and stay there:

Start out small.It is often helpful to plan a series of small goals that build on each other instead of one huge overwhelming goal. Huge goals will be too much to take, and you will get easily frustrated when you don’t attain them fast enough.

Write it all down. When organizing your weight loss goals, write everything down and pay attention to the details. What equipment will you need? When will will you work out? Cardio? Weight training? Both? Answer these questions and write it down.

Think  both short term and long term. Creating short-term goals keep you active and focused on a daily basis.  However, long-term goals motivate you in the long run. Short-term goals like example, running 20 minutes each day can become tools to reaching long-term goals such as running in a 5K race.

Pick a start date. Stick to  a start date, and don’t come up with excuses to out it off. “I’ll do it tomorrow” will often turn into “I’ll do it next year.”

Plan for the setbacks. Setbacks are a going to happen. Most people who decide to make healthy changes in their lives experience setbacks of some kind. Accept them and move on. Don’t allow them to make you give up.

Utilizing these 5 strategies to weight loss will make the journey easier and more relaxing. Weight loss is attainable with planning, organization, and strength.


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