How To Successfully Potty Train Your Child

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Potty Training takes work for both parent and child. It is a learning process. You as the parent need to see what will work with your child and what will not. It is good to educate yourself on the subject. For the child it is important that they become comfortable with the potty. First, look for signs that your toddler is ready for potty training. If the young child is tugging at his diaper, telling you that he is wet or pulling his diaper off that means he is ready to begin. When you start potty training you want the toddler to become comfortable just sitting on the potty. Use a potty seat with a character the child likes and make sure it is the right size for your youngster. Don’t expect your young child to use the potty right away. The youngster will need to get used to just sitting on it first.

Once the youngster becomes comfortable sitting on the potty switch pull ups. These are training pants that are a cross between a diaper and underwear. It is easier to create a bathroom schedule when you use pull ups and it saves time because you don’t have to lie the toddler down. Next, you can decide on a bathroom schedule. When you first begin try going often like every hour. You will want to catch your child before he wets his diaper. As the child starts to use the potty to urinate and poop you can increase the time in half hour intervals.

Your child may need a reward to become motivated to use the potty. You should something that your child really likes. Each time your toddler goes to the bathroom on the potty you should give them this reward. Eventually your child will start to use underwear. You may want to take the toddler to the bathroom every half hour or forty-five minutes at first to avoid accidents. If the child does have an accident she should not feel discouraged. You should remain positive and let them know that accidents are very common.

It is best to monitor your child at all times on the potty. A curious youngster may end up with their hands or legs inside the toilet if you are not watching!


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