Make This Impressve Salmon Mold For A Special Occasion

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Ingredients needed:

fish shaped mold

fresh cooked or canned salmon

cream cheese

sour cream

baby peas

plain gelatin or jello

food coloring


I am not listing the amount of each ingredient because I do not know the size of your mold and your taste may be a bit different from mine or anyone elses, therefore use your own judgment in how much of each to use.

Place the fish mold in the freezer.  Desolve plain gelatine, or you can use a flavored jello that will compliment the fish flavor ( I use tropical fruit) let the gelatine cool but not set up

Remove the mold from the freezer and pour the gelatin in the mold and move the mold around to coat the sides well.  If you use plain gelatine be sure to put some red food color in.  You may need to return the mold to the freezer for a couple of minutes and repeat this process until the mold is well coated with the gelatine.  Put in refrigerator.

In a bowl, mix sour cream with more of the desolved gelatine mixture and add a bit of red color to make a nice pink.  Remove mold from he refrigerator and spoon the sour cream mixture all around the inside of the mold and be sure to coat well.  Return mold to frig.  In a bowl mix the salmon with softened cream cheese, mayo, salt and pepper and any spices of your choice.  Put the peas in another bowl and add a bit of the desolved gelatine mixture.  Remove the mold from the frig and add a layer of the fish mixture.  Now add the peas and return to the frig for a few minutes to set up a bit.  Remove and add another layer of fish and cover with a piece of wax paper and press firmly to be sure the mold is completely filled and all the air is out.  Let set up in the frig for several hours.  To remove the fish from the mold, place in hot water for a few seconds and invert on a decorative platter.  Serve with toast points or crackers.  Makes a great appetizer or can  be served as a main course.

If you are not a salmon lover, you can use tuna or any other type of fish or even shrimp.  If fish is not your thing, try this recipe with chicken, also works very well, just try a different type of mold or you can make this using a stainless steel bowl. that also works very well and looks great when served.  Experiment and make it your own.


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