Must see places in Belize

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The Cayes


Without a doubt, the pearl of Belize, they are a truely unimaginable sight. Thinkk of every postcard and TV bit you’ve seen of the Carribean, the Cayes in Belize are even better. Perfect beaches, beautiful bright blue, shallow, warm Carribbean sea, palm trees blowing listlessly in the wind, plenty of bars and quiet spots to just sit back and watch the ocean. But nothing does it more justice than pictures, so take a look for yourself.

Ancient Maya cities


Not all Belize is beaches, though. Before European conquest, Belize was inhabited by the Maya who built a number of impressive cities. While many of the buildings are not what they once where, they remain very impressive structures. The pyramid in Xunantunich is the second tallest structure in Belize, you know what the tallest one is? It´s the main temple in Caracol, another ancient Maya city. That just goes to show how monumental these structures are, all the more impressive that they were built around 2,000 years ago.

Punta Gorda


Belize is a multi-cultural country, among its ethnicities are Creole, White European, Maya and Garifuna Punta Gorda is worth seeing because it is home to nearly all of these groups and more. It’s not uncommon to hear English, Spanish and Maya being spoken all in the same restaurant, to give just one example of the cultural mix in the city. The town has the largest amount of Garifuna and this is where the largest celebrations are held for Garifuna Settlement Day.

San Ignacio/Cayo


San Ignacio (a.k.a. Cayo), is not quite as mixed as Punta Gorda, it’s very much a Latino town. Here, the main language is Spanish and the food on the streets won’t be uncommon to those of you familiar with Central American cuisine. Also a gateway city to Guatemala, it’s a great place to take a wee walk in the countryside as there are some amazing views all around the city.

Great Blue Hole


Possibly the world’s largest sinkhole, the Great Blue Hole is a wonder of the earth. Further off the coast from the Cayes, the great blue hole is a great spot for marine tourism. A tour can be arranged in Belize City or the Cayes to bring you out to the hole, where it’s possible to go scuba diving to see the amazing sea creatures which lie below.

Pictures via Wikipedia.


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