Rapid Safe Weight Loss – 3 Simple Steps

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Weight loss is a hard to tackle subject and there are many ways to approach this. Rapid yet safe weight loss seems more like an oxymoron than an achievable target. However, it is possible and can be done, if you follow a proper, carefully laid-out plan.

1. Start by setting a target. This is of utmost importance because you will never get anywhere without a proper target. Having a target will ensure you stay on track and not get distracted with your daily chores. Set a target of weight you want to lose each week. For example, you could make losing 2 pounds per week a target and work towards it slowly until you can achieve it. After that it is just a matter of consistency and perseverance. If you do the math, you could lose 8 pounds per month, so rapid weight loss can be achieved safely.

2. Set up your game plan. Setting a target is easy, it is in achieving the end goal that is difficult for some. Your plan should involve seeking safe ways to start living a proper, healthy lifestyle. Cutting down fat and exercising like there is no tomorrow are not only impossible to do, for some this could cause adverse reactions because our body has in-built mechanism that deals with rapid and sudden changes. It is better to use smart techniques to circumvent your body’s metabolic response by having a very radical but proven method of eating and living, for example, splitting your meals into 6 portions and varying your calorie intake to ‘fool’ your body.

3. Consistency. This is the most difficult part of the process. Some people just throw in the towel when they do not see results. However, it must be noted that rapid safe weight loss is not measured in terms of days but weeks. If you could lose 2 pounds per week, then it is already considered a major progress. The keyword here is consistency. Even if you manage to lose 5 pounds this week but gain it back 2 weeks later, you simply are not going anywhere. Therefore, sticking to your plan and patiently following it is a must.


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