Serena Williams loses her temper against Kim Clijsters – US OPEN 2009

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You must be aware now of the controversial way in which Serena Williams exited the US Open, 2009. Although Serena had almost lost, she sealed her loss after being foot faulted and then lost a point as a penalty after she threw a tantrum and verbally abused a lineswoman who made the call!

You can see a video of the incident here:

Her post-match Press conference can be viewed here:

I’m not writing this to tell whether the lineswoman made the right call or whether Serena was justified in her behaviour. This incident helps you learn a few lessons in life.

1. Anyone can lose his/her temper. Sometimes it’s in the middle of a very tough situation.

2. Losing your temper can cost a lot! While some times it just puts you and those around in a bad mood, at other times it can cost you dear! In this case it cost a point, a game, a match and maybe even the championship. A bad temper can undo years of goodness and hard work!

3. An apology costs nothing, but can make the situation much better!

4. The true strength of your character is not when the going is easy and when everyone is on your side. Its when life seems unfair and you are at the brink, living on the edge that your true character shows. Anyone can seem happy and friendly when you win a match. A true champion is calm even when the going is tough and seems unfair. This is the biggest lesson I learnt from the incident.

I hope that instead of trying to fan the controversy surrounding this incident each of us can learn something and make ourselves better!


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