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For those of us who are trying to make a decent income writing online, we are always looking for sites that will pay for writing and help us earn an additional few dollars to add to the family coffers.

Associate Content is not a new site, but since not everyone has heard of it, I wanted to tell you about my experiences writing for this site.

I first stumbled upon Associate Content or Ac as it is known about four months ago while searching for possible writing sites. I took a look at the site and some of the articles that other writer’s had contributed and thought the site looked interesting. More important it looked like a site that I might actually make money writing for.

Associate Content has two ways for a writer to earn income. You can earn through pay per views just like you can on Triond and Bukisa, which means you submit either original work or republish articles you have all ready written. If Associate Content chooses to publish the article you then earn income based on the number of views your article receives.

You can also receive upfront payments for some of your Associate Content articles. In order to quality for an upfront payment your articles must be original, never have been published before, and unique enough to meet the editors guidelines.

Informational articles should be interesting and well documented.

Payment for these upfront articles range anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00 depending on their uniqueness and how well the editors think your article will be received by the public. Not all articles submitted for upfront payment are accepted but those that are tend to be of high quality, well written, and extremely interesting.

The great think about writing for Associate Content besides the pretty fair income is that it is challenging. Trying to write an article for an upfront payment requires skill, and a constant improvement of your writing skills.

If you are the kind of writer who wants to continue improving your skills then this is a site you should definitely consider writing for as this site helps prepare you for the more lucrative jobs that abound on the net.


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