How to buy a flat screen TV.

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Today, I am going to help you buy a flat screen TV. When buying one I would take my time, to make sure you get a good TV, with a great deal. First off you need to decide what type of TV do you want a LCD or a Plasma. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. It gives a very nice picture. You can sit on any angle of the house and the picture will stay clear.
Plasma TV is based on the fluorescent light. It’s really what you like better,
Also, when you buy a TV get one with 1080 mega pixels. That’s the best picture you can get. Next think about size. People never get a TV too big. A TV is measured diagonally. For example, it’s based on its screen size, so a 32″ television means that the screen is 32″ when measured from the bottom left corner to the top right corner.
Also, you will need to buy a stand. Some people put it on one or people will hang it on the wall. When you go to the store ask questions and play with the remote. Make sure it got all the hook ups you want for your TV. Best buys might charge lots of money to hook it up. But other stores might do it cheaper. Make sure it’s a HD TV. I have a 40 inch Sony LCD. That works great. Got it from Boscov’s for a $1000. My total was $1,500. I got a good deal. So shop before you buy. Also, you can buy a strap, for the kids don’t hit it over. They are very heavy and stay sill. So good luck.


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