The Four Rs of Writing for Bukisa

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For those of you in the Bukisa community who are looking to help give this a site a better sense of community and who want to increase your own views and income while helping others increase theirs may I recommend that you faithfully follow the four Rs I will discuss in this article. This 4 “rs” used in combination by members of Bukisa can help Bukisa grown and improve the quality of writing experiences for the entire site and every member in it.


Read articles by other members daily. While we all have limited writing time, it is essential that we use part of that time to read the work of other writers, and offer comments and other suggestions. Even if you can only read one or two articles by other writers each day this will help them and you to feel a sense of connection with each other and the site as a whole.

Reading other writers work is one of the best things you can do for them and for yourself, as it will help you to find some great writers and increase your own knowledge base. It also gives you a sense of pride and loyalty to a site when you are an active member of that site.


As well as writing articles of your own choosing, write articles about other excellent writers you have discovered on Bukisa. Explain what makes their writing exceptional in your eyes and why other people should take the time to read their work. The writer you choose to profile will be greatful for your comments and you will be calling attention to the writer and his or her work thus earning more views for that writer and perhaps for your articles as well.

You can and also be writing articles, about ways you have found that may increase everyone’s Bukisa income and views. When you help the community find ways to increase their income you will find that you begin to get a loyal following from inside Bukisa that may result in more outside views for yourself as well as for others. Sharing your knowledge with others will make them more likely to share their knowledge with you.


Ratings someone’s article is one of the best ways to draw attention to what they write. When someone is reading an article they are more likely to read articles with high ratings and several comments than they are those with low or no ratings. However, it is important that you be fair and honest in rating articles. Never rate a friends article high simply because they are your friend. This will result in a reader not caring to read any Bukisa content if they feel that poor writing earns high ratings on this site.

While no one may enjoy receiving a low rating, they too can serve the purpose of making us work harder to write quality content. So, please don’t be afraid to use the rating system to help establish Bukisa as a great writing site for quality content.


Recommending top quality articles is another way to gain Bukisa status as a great writing site, increase views to the writer whose work you recommend and make it easier for other people to recommend your work when it is deserving of recommendation.

We all use methods that we like for promoting our own work and you can use these same methods to promote the work of others as well. Post a good article to your facebook or twitter account. Send a family member a link to an article they would enjoy. Recommend articles to other friends you have at work or socialize with if you think they will find an article enriching or enjoyable.

While none of these methods may gain thousands of views for any writer every view helps and you will be surprised with how quickly an extra view here and there can add up to pennies, nickles, and dimes.

For those of you who saw that movie Pay it Forward, where the young man does something nice for 5 people and they then do something nice for others, and the movement keeps moving forward with one person helping the other, then you can understand how what I am recommending is the Pay it Forward f the Writing World.

If we are dedicated, and all work at it our Writing Pay it Forward can have surprising results for us all and our writing community as a whole.


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