How to Gain Weight: Three Top Tips to Building Muscle

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Everyone knows how to gain weight while body building, but there are those who also wants to know how to gain weight. People may get frustrated if they gain fats instead of body mass, but if this is attempted effectively, the body can gain weight and build heavy muscles. Over a period of time with regular exercising, your body muscles can get heavy and they will give your body a lean and toned look.

Following are some tips for gaining weight and building muscles:

Eat Healthy

Do not skip meals. Eat 6 small meals in a day. This should comprise of breakfast, lunch and dinner with 3 snacks included.

As for snacks you can eat fruits, nuts, biscuits and yogurt to gain energy and weight but not fat. Remember not to skip meals. It is easy to take 6 meals in a day by eating smaller quantities at each meal, it will help if you eat through a planned schedule and not whenever you feel hungry.

This keeps the metabolic rate constant. This can help you to put on weight.

Eat healthy

It is very easy to binge on junk food and attempt to gain weight. Foods with high sugar, high fat and high calories aid in instant weight gain. If you take foods rich in saturated fat, should not be used in your diet; these should be avoided since they are unhealthy. Instead go for the healthier choices like salads, yogurt, and nuts. you can also have a balanced diet with proteins, fat, carbohydrates, dairy products to get the best supply of proteins.


Exercise daily. An exercise program of 5 days a week can help in burning the calories and fats and convert them to muscles. Muscles are denser than fats and adds weight to your body. Muscles also make your body look toned, lean and fit.

Putting weight is not as difficult as losing it, if you focus on healthy eating habits and exercises, putting on weight will be no problem for you!



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