The Benefits of Drinking Chocolate Milk After a Workout

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Chocolate milk is a refreshing drink with a lot of required proteins and carbohydrates and it is not too high in calories as you have the option of using fat free milk. Each milk brand is different from each other so it is best to check it our first then buy it. Let’s look at why chocolate milk is beneficial.


Chocolate milk contains a lot of required proteins for our body. It is said that one cup contains eight to ten milligrams of protein. You should replace at least 15 to 25mg of protein after a workout.

For this, you will need to drink at least 500 ml of chocolate milk. Milk based proteins are said to be great for your body than other types of proteins as they can be absorbed faster.

The proteins in milks are divided into 80% casein proteins and 20% whey proteins. Whey proteins can be digested faster, and will enter our system immediately, while the casein proteins are digested slowly in to our body over a period and are better for us in the long term.


A drink with carbohydrates is good for your body as it boosts the insulin levels and delivers the glucose in to the body muscles. This can restore your lost calories and it can energize your energy levels.

In a study with individuals who worked out. One person was given a carbohydrates drink and the other was given chocolate after workout, after a couple of days the result showed that the guy who was drinking chocolate milk was fitter and recovered better from the workouts than the person having the carbohydrate replacement.


Milk is said to be a very rich source of calcium and drinking chocolate milk every day increases your calcium content. Calcium helps your bones to get stronger while also improving your power stroke.

A power stroke is known as the time when tension is created in your muscle fibers causing them to contract. A glass of chocolate milk contains between 300mgs to 500mgs of calcium.


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