Prague Market for cheap shopping

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Prazska Trznice (Prague Market) now, after a face-lift is going by the name River Town, and has been cleaned up but it has also gone by the name of “Vietnamese market” and Holesovice market”. It is a huge labyrinth of stalls offering endless shopping pleasure.

 You won’t find fresher fruit and vegetables in any other market; here there are over 40 stands, in an enclosed hanger, offering produce straight from the farms. There is a sink near the stands where you can wash your purchase and dig in straight away.

 Apart from fruit and veg it offers a wider variety of goods and is not touristy. The main products on offer are fake name brand clothes and accessories; T-shirts, both Prague tourist ones, fake brand names and with pictures of popular bands. You will see stalls and stalls with handbags and luggage for sale, all “Gucci”, L.V.” and “Prada”. There is also a selection of knives, pellet guns, lighters, key rings, Babushkas, hats, costume jewelry and toys. The locals can be seen here buying electrical gadgets, clothes, food, alcohol, odd secondhand objects, sunglasses, arts, crafts, spices and Asian goods.

The vendors are mostly Vietnamese, and don’t speak that much English. If you ask for the price of something they will punch in a number to a calculator and show it to you. Make sure you act shocked and say no, no, no, then make as if to walk away. They will call you back and ask you how much you want to pay. Now it is your turn to punch a price into the calculator. Don’t be shy to offer a quarter of the price they proposed. Then the bargaining begins. They will come down in price, don’t give up, I have bought articles for 100 CZK which they asked 450CZK for, and 300CZK when they wanted 1200CZK.

Where: Holesovice, 306 Bubenské nábř, Prague 7.

Getting there: If you take line C to the Vltavska metro stop, or get trams 1,3,14 or 25, to the Vlavska stop, on exiting the metro turn left and walk about 100 meters. Go in the direction of the people walking towards you with plastic bags full of goods! It is in the direction of McDonalds.

Open Hours: Mon-Fri 08:00-18:00 and Sat 08:00-13:00.


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