Indian Secularism

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The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty and the veneration and worship of Catholic Italian Sonia Miano (Khan) Gandhi by the Congress party as well as Indian (both Hindus and Muslims) masses throughout India can be considered as great examples of Indian secularism.

The Nehru-Khan-Gandhi dynasty, revived by Sonia Gandhi, swept back to power with vengeance in 2004 elections after a brief vacation of about 15 years.  Sonia Gandhi, who was born in Italy and married into the dynasty, begged her husband to stay out of politics and was drawn into it herself only when the party was in dire need of leadership.  A new generation of Gandhis arrives to save ailing party from disaster at the polls.   Sonia Gandhi (55) inducted her son Rahul (34) and daghter Priyanka (33) into politics and they actively participated and won in the recent elections.   A calcified, out-of-touch, visionless and nepotistic dynasty is poised once again to lead and the dynasty rule continues in the world’s largest democracy, albeit with fresh and young Indo-Italian genes having Brahmin-Christian-Muslim-Parsi blood with charming faces and charisma which no other Indian can claim.   Sonia Gandhi’s rise from a small-town in postwar Italy to modern India is a story of love, death and dynasty, culminating in the most sensational victory of an Italian middle class woman ever to become the kingmaker in the Indian Union of a billion people. She will run the country from behind scenes as she installs Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister of the Indian Union, to avert a brewing foreigner-crisis and save the country.


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