Happy kids and household chores? Yes, it’s possible!

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Of course, it would be best if you start children the value of cooperation early on. And what better way than to get them involved in chores? So how to get them to cooperate? By making it F-U-N! Admit it, when you were a child, doing chores could be such a bore, right? So here are some suggestions:

Take note though that you should first explain to your child the value of cooperation and unity within the family and doing chores together is one way of accomplishing that but that you can do it in a fun way!!

  • Kids love games-so why not incorporate that and even include prizes? For example, in making their beds, tell your kids that the first one to approach you in the morning & shows you the made up bed (which should pass your standards, of course!) will get an extra serving of pancakes for example, or something to that effect. Or this can also be done for cleaning bedrooms. There can be a daily or weekly inspection of rooms, and if it passes your standards, they get a point, or a star and the kid with the most number of stars will get something special. This will also motivate them to do better in their chores.
  • Include music while you do housework. You can have a clean-up day and you can all clean the living room together for example & turn on some funky music and clean to the beat! This will make time seem faster plus it will be loads of fun to see your kids enjoy doing their chores. Then you can all watch a movie in front of the tv after for some downtime, or enjoy some munchies.
  • Cooking is also fun any way you look at it. Ask children to assist you, may it be mixing batter or asking them to get you certain ingredients. Or you can hold a contest o comes up with the most creative dish–like arranging the ingredients to be a happy face 🙂
  • Gardening-for some kids, watering the plants and doing yardwork can be bore, so why not make it educational as well? Maybe you can do a garden project together, like planting seeds, and you and your kids can monitor its growth on a weekly basis and even enjoy the flowers and their fruits later on! Or maybe building a bird house and watching for birds together. You can also make a projects from things from the backyard, and make them look for good nice fallen leaves while they’re sweeping the backyard and you keep it for later use such as in scrapbooks and frames.
  • Laundry can also be fun if you also play pretend (smaller children of course would be the potential “victims” here ^_~) like you are in a department store and pretend that you are selling clothes but you need to do an inventory, or pretend that they are buying clothes-this will also help them in their mathematical skills.

Overall, there’s so much you can do in making your children cooperate in household chores, the key here is to make it fun, so that in the long run, when they get older, they will also see that chores, when done together & when you enjoy it, aren’t chores after all, but a family thing. ^_^
Happy chores everyone!


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