How to Child Proof Your Home

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house3-main_Thumb.jpg child proofing your home

  1. Step 1babygates_Thumb.jpg

    BABY GATES – Use baby gates to block off dangerous areas of the house such as where steps are or anywhere in the home that a child could fall, pull something over on them, or get hurt.

  2. Step 2nochemicals_Thumb.jpg

    KEEP CHEMICALS LOCKED UP AND OUT OF REACH – Always place any cleaning or other chemicals out of the reach of children. It’s a good idea to keep them locked up if at all possible.

  3. Step 3childproofelectricaloutlets_Thumb.jpg

    COVER ELECTRICAL OUTLETS – You can buy the child proof electrical outlet covers at most any retail store. Buy them and place them over any and all electrical outlets that you’re not using to keep a small child from accidentally getting injured or electrocuted.

  4. Step 4childsafetylocks_Thumb.jpg

    LOCKS – You can also buy child safety locks at most any retail or hardware store. Use the locks to lock your medicine cabinets, chemicals, closets, water faucets, or anywhere that a child could get into trouble or be injured.

  5. Step 5sharpobjects_Thumb.jpg

    KNIVES AND OTHER SHARP OBJECTS – Keep knives and any other sharp objects that a child could get cut with, stored away and out of the reach of small children and toddlers.

  6. Step 6cordsropes_Thumb.jpg

    CORDS – Keep any cords or ropes from blinds, curtains, electrical cords, etc., that a child could get strangled with, hidden and out of reach.

  7. Step 7thingsthatcanbepulledover_Thumb.jpg

    ANYTHING THAT CAN BE PULLED OFF OR OVER – Make sure there is nothing in the home or laying around the home that can be pulled off of a table or any furniture that can be pulled over on top of a child. Any furniture that could possibly be pulled over should be secured.

  8. Step 8closeddoors_Thumb.jpg

    KEEP DOORS/WINDOWS LOCKED – It’s a good idea to keep any and all doors and windows locked so that a child can’t accidentally open them and get outside without your knowing about it. Also, if there’s a chance that the child can reach the handle or lock, it may be a good idea to place a lock high on the door that can only be reached by an adult.


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