If He Is Unfaithful….Part One

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The biggest mistake women make is placing their man as the Sun in their Solar System. Never give up you life for a man’s, because when he leaves, you will have no life.

Many women quit school to marry. They take jobs to put him through college. In the majority of cases, the man will discard this woman, after all, what does a budding doctor have in common with a supervisor at Burger King?

Many women reduce their careers to jobettes. Unable to work late, take trips, do extra, because their marriage comes first.

Since these women have to get home, they will be by passed for a promotion, maybe a casualty of downsizing.
Their husbands, however, can afford to do that much extra since they have a ‘free’ housekeeper, chauffeur, messenger, secretary, etc. As the husbands advance, their wives fall by the wayside, no longer in their ‘league’.

The first move a woman must make when she believes her husband may be having an affair is not to catch him, but catch herself.

Get back to who she was before she married. Regain that whole person with her likes and dislikes and dreams and possibilities.

Don’t waste time waiting up for him, becoming a private investigator to find out who and what and when, put all that time into yourself.

Even if he is not unfaithful, it suits you to be a person in your own right, not an appendage, not a planet revolving around him.

The woman with her own life, her own dreams and future may be a victim of adultery, but all she will lose is her marriage not her ‘whole life.’

Making a man the center of your solar system becomes very dark when the sun goes down.


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