Netiquette — Part I

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Netiquette can be defined as those actions you perform because you know better. Many users do not know better. Perhaps, if they were aware of their actions, they would do better.

An example of poor manners is receiving an email in which 90% of it are addresses to whom it was forwarded. Whomever sent that email to you had to have scrolled through screens of addresses to reach the substance. Yet, s/he sent that email to you without the courtesy of cutting out the addresses.

As the sender did not ‘know better’ and you do, do not mention it is a waste of bandwidth to forward an email, which maybe a joke or inspirational story, with ten screens of forwards, simply delete the addresses and send it back.

If the sender does not appreciate what you have done and asks why you sent back the email, thenyou can explain that removing ten screens of forwarding email is simple courtesy; Netiquette.

“Don’t Choke the Bandwidth” is a key tenet of Netiquette.

So it is at the Beginning, so too at the End, when you receive an endless email made up of every single call and response since the conversation began.

When it is not a business email in which history might be relevant, delete everything after our response, or after the remark you are responding to.

When one is dealing with email, less is more. The shorter clearer email is what you strive for. Only include addresses when they are relevant to the email. If they are merely the history of every singleperson on Earth who has read this joke, they don’t need to be preserved.

If the remark does not need the past week of review to be comprehended, then delete the past week of conversation.

As a sidebar; many of these chain emails are sent from ‘secure’ computers which have a few paragraphs on ‘privacy’ and confidentiality. If you are sending this drivel from an office which automatically includes these warnings, have the acumen to send it to your personal email account first, delete these warnings before sending it on.


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