How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly and Safe for Your Dog or Cat

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tenn193-main_Thumb.jpg Make your home safe for your pet

  1. Step 1babygates_Thumb.jpg install baby gates

    BABY GATES – These are a great way to block off doorways and areas of the house where you don’t want your pet to go.

  2. Step 2nochemicals_Thumb.jpg properly store poisonous chemicals

    PROPERLY STORE AND LOCK UP CHEMICALS – Make sure to properly store cleaning chemicals, pesticides, gasoline, or any other poisons that your pet could get into and harm themselves with and never store your pet’s food near any dangerous chemicals.

  3. Step 3childproofelectricaloutlets_Thumb.jpg install outlet covers

    COVER ELECTRICAL OUTLETS AND CORDS – You can buy child proof electrical outlet covers at most any retail store and place them in the electrical outlets to keep your pet from chewing on the outlet. Also, hide any electrical cords because pets love to chew and they won’t be tempted to chew on what could be a live cord.

  4. Step 4childsafetylocks_Thumb.jpg install safety locks

    SAFETY LOCKS – You can also buy pad locks or child safety locks at most any retail or hardware store. Use the locks to lock your medicine cabinets, chemicals, closets, water faucets, or anywhere that a pet could get into trouble or be injured.

  5. Step 5chewingdamage_Thumb.jpg watch out for chewing, scratching, or other damage

    MISCELLANIOUS CHEWING OR DAMAGE – Always keep anything that you don’t want to get chewed up or destroyed out of the reach of your pet. If it’s laying around, they may think it’s a toy and chew it up and destroy it.

  6. Step 6closeddoors_Thumb.jpg keep windows and doors closed

    KEEP DOORS/WINDOWS CLOSED AND FASTENED – It’s a good idea to keep any and all doors and windows closed and fastened so that your pet doesn’t wonder outside and get lost or ran over


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