How to Get a Baby to Sleep at Night

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babyasleep-main_Thumb.jpg getting your baby to sleep at night

  1. Step 1halloweendriving_Thumb.jpg take the baby for a short drive

    GO FOR A DRIVE – Put your baby in their car seat and take them for a drive. Most of the time, just a short drive will do the trick.

  2. Step 2rockingchair_Thumb.jpg rock the baby

    ROCKING – Take your baby in your arms and rock them back and forth in a rocking chair or if you don’t have a rocking chair, just do the motion.

  3. Step 3sing_Thumb.jpg sing to the baby

    SING – The sound of a parent’s voice can be very soothing and comforting to a baby and singing is a great way to calm them down and get them to sleep.

  4. Step 4reading_Thumb.jpg read to the baby

    READ – Reading to your baby is a great way to get them to calm down and the sound of a parent’s voice can be very soothing for them.

  5. Step 5babyswing_Thumb.jpg put the baby in their swing

    A SWING – You can buy an automatic baby swing at most any retail store and putting your baby in them and setting it to a slow swing is a great way to soothe them and get them to drop off to sleep.

  6. Step 6music_Thumb.jpg play soft music to calm the baby

    MUSIC – Playing some soft music on the radio or t. v. is also a good way to calm a baby. Most of the time, the sound will get their attention and calm them down and before long they may fall asleep.

  7. Step 7babybottle_Thumb.jpg feed the baby

    FEEDING – Giving your baby it’s bottle or breast feeding will also soothe and calm them and get them ready to go to sleep.

  8. Step 8babymobile_Thumb.jpg install a mobile to get their attention and calm them

    MOBILES – Having a mobile over your baby’s crib and turning it on to play music and provide some motion for them to concentrate on, is also a great way to get your baby to sleep.


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