Browse Your Favourite Web pages using Shortcuts with SiteLauncher

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Recently I went through Mozilla Add-ons webpage and found a lots of add-ons updated and most of them Contributed by Users.

<u>SiteLauncher</u> is an Add-on of interesting feautures just assigning short-cuts for web pages thus making it so easier for browsing or switching particular site just by making shortcuts and execute them through keyboard.

No need for any mouse work and just brose them bu your keyboard.It applies for for firefox version 2.0 – 3.6a1pre.

Developed By it’s Author David Morrisonnewwindowsbitmapimage2.png

It’s Hotkeys to view the SiteLauncher and for Direct To Site.

Here i gave F1 as theHotkey for SiteLauncher which is the first image

and second one gives the info regarding shortcuts alloted for each site which is SiteLauncher manager


  • Highly customizable appearance – change colors, text size, spacing, column size, etc
  • Optional visual effects – transparency, rounded corners, and gradients
  • You can have your site shortcuts automatically arranged or manually arranged in the order you want them to appear inside the Launcher


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