Schools Should be Outside the Box

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Outside the Box

by Keith Sweeney

Some school pride themselves on graduating statistics and grading systems that evolved with one thing in mind the, the schools reputation. I think the new education system needs to step back and change it’s way off gradeing. Our system today forces the student to change themselves so they then can fit into one of the selsction of molds that is offered to them. Instead it would seem to me to much more effective to create a mold around each stregths that the student already has.

There is no need for a defined box to contain all thoughts of the student. We start to see this sometimes at a colledge level  but never at grade school levels. I know there is a need for fundametal basic skills. This can be achieved as well as not to put a handicap on the student though. Children need to grow and learn what there intrests will approve for them. They will learn much faster and much more in depth if the are learning something that intrests them.

My own deepest sorrow came when I was asked by my school principle that it would be a better choice for me to quit school that suceed to graduation. So I did, not knowing the impact of his blatent lie to me. If I was only looked at not as a menace but a bored student that would not be forced into his mold it would have made all the difference in the world for me.

There are great students that will do great things with there lives if given the incouragement needed and guidence that directs them based on their strengths and intrest instead of their school and teachers guidlines.


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