The prove that god exists.

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The answer can only be one. At the beginning of all that exist, god had to intervene. Does god have anything to do with us humans or even our planet? I don’t know, and anyone that is honest will tell you the same. I recently lost my father and started looking for ways to make money online and also searching for a real work at the same time. It comforts me thinking his soul is in heaven and its no one’s right to say anything that might destroy that comfort we all need sooner or later. On a scientific perspective, god does exist, there can be no other explanation, because if you ask yourself enough questions you will arrive to one unquestionable truth. Something had to start before anything existed, but nothing can start before anything exists. How we humans related to god might have more to do with our fears of the inevitable or not, but let no one mistake you, god does exist. What is the point of live? We live, we have kids and we die. Our kids will do the same. This is the same to all living things, we cheat death by making copies of ourselves that are just a tiny bit different, better prepared to the environment they are in. But what is the point? Why do we need to adapt to our environment? To survive of course, survival of the fittest, nature law right? But why? Are we some kind of micro organisms that exist with the sole propose of altering the planet? Because that seems to me more the propose of our existence. We alter the planet. But it seems we are also destroying it right? No we are just destroying ourselves, we are self terminating. As soon as the conditions on this planet change too much, we will be unable to adapt fast enough and we will perish. But we cant stop our activities, we are bond by greed and other human emotions that protect the self and the close to us (family and friends) but neglect the planet we are supposed to serve and depend on. The planet will be altered and we will be no more. I gave allot of thought on this when my father was still alive and i think it all connects somehow. Our existence (not just humans but live in general), god, the planet, the universe. It all fits in somehow. Keep tuned in for more on this, it will be worth it i promise. 


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