How To Have An Eco Library With EcoLibris

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How can you have an eco library and plant a tree for every book you read? You can easily by eco cycling books at Eco Libris! With green mooching! Book lovers and tree lovers unite! If you can buy a book made from a tree you can plant a tree for the book. You will be helping the environment, publishing and reducing your carbon footprint. This and more is happening at and, where book lovers and tree lovers are paying for tree plantings, proclaiming it on books and sharing books with each other . . . and getting free mooch points in the process!

The idea is to balance the books. You pay for a tree planting for every book you buy, publish or read. You decide. You’ll like these fun and interesting online projects where you recycle books, trees and books. You pay for the books you buy by planting trees with EcoLibris. EcoLibris gives you stickers you can put on your books confirming your commitment to ecology. The sticker you put on a book states that a tree was planted for the paper used in it. It seems so magickal and prophetic.

You will like the stickers, too. They’re cute round stickers with a picture of a tree on a book in the center, Eco-Libris and One Tree Was Planted For This Book on them. They’re green and white and made of recycled paper. You can also give birthday gifts of tree plantings and stickers with birthday cards made of recycled paper. You can give holiday gifts of tree plantings and stickers with cards, too. Authors and publishers can get the logo printed on their books, a special price and their books mentioned on the EcoLibris website, blog, MySpace and FaceBook.

You can plant trees for $5 and up and $5 graciously plants 5 trees. You can pay conveniently online with PayPal. You can also get subscriptions. You get rewarded for your purchases also. EcoLibris has partnered with BookMooch so members can share books with each other. For every 10 trees you plant with EcoLibris you get a free BookMooch point that you can use to mooch a book online for free.

EcoLibris and BookMooch have partnered to provide Green Mooching. Green Mooching will encourage people to balance their books with EcoLibris to get free books from BookMooch. With EcoLibris and BookMooch you can live and let live and you can give and get give. No jyve. While we may be a party to depleting natural resources forests purchasing books we can certainly pay them back with interest. Get up and give to the nature of your choice . . . yours. 

You are told at the EcoLibris website to balance out your books by making payments for tree plantings. BookMooch is a book sharing website. After paying at EcoLibris you can send BookMooch your BookMooch username to get BookMooch credits. You can also type your BookMooch username in the comments section at PayPal when you make your payment to get your BookMooch credits.

You do have to join EcoLibris and BookMooch but the Lord loveth a cheerful giver memberships are totally free. You can also plant trees at The Ecology Fund by magically just clicking. Perhaps an accumulation of magical power from your divine association with nature, trees and books. Try it. The website address is There you may also witness the divine abundance of a person being born every second at the bottom of the home page. You may also acquire some feelings of guilt from the depletion of natural resources — forests — in that same area of the page and repeat the book balancing process. Life goes on.

Be fruitful and multiply. Help is here.

And here.


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