Have Happy Grand Children Without Going Broke

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Kids will love you by setting boundaries and just spending time with them. All they really want is one on one time.

  1. Learn to really know your grandkids as they grow up, they are not the same. They will have their own personalities and likes.Some will like soccer, others basketball or even baseball. Maybe they’ll just like watching movies by your side or snuggling with you as they sleep. Others may simply like to excel at reading. Get to know them.

  2. Take them to the library in town. Ours has a really good kids section. They have a summer reading program with activities. They can actually talk down there and no one cares. They don’t tell them to hush. Libraries are great cheap date time.

  3. If your grand children participate in sports show your love by just being there to be an encourager. It is wise to let most of the coaching stay with their coaches. I know sometimes we want to give them our opinion and sometimes they need it, but let them grow up and listen to the adult in control.

  4. Have date night/day for the kids. For my grandsons that live close to me we have shared $1.00 movies in the Spring & Fall. Our neighboring town has a theatre that does this which I have found to be great. It’s not the first run movie but they are still current. If we really like the movie I get the DVD and we share it over and over again. I know what you are thinking concessions aren’t cheap.


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