How to do a Screen Shot or Capture on Your Computer

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Making a Screen Shot or what is sometimes called a Screen Capture of your computer screen can be very handy some days. Sometimes an IT person at work will ask you do a screen capture so he can get a better look at the mysterious messages your computer keeps giving you. Or you might want a quick save of an invoice for something you just ordered off of the Internet. This may seem like such a simple task for a lot of computer savvy people, but there are many novices and older users that don’t know how to do this simple task.

If you look at the keys on your computer keyboard, usually at the top row of keys on the right hand side you will find a button that says “Print Screen”. On some keyboards it may be only marked as PS.
When see something on your computer you want save, all you need to do is press the Print Screen button. You will think nothing happened since no pop up windows or anything will tell you that you have actually done anything.

So how do we find out if pushing that button did anything at all?
Next you need to go to your Start Menu on your computer and go to All Programs and then to the top of the list to Accessories. From Accessories select the Paint program. This will open with a blank page.
Go to the Edit button at the top of paint.

From the Edit button select Paste, and instantly the screen will go to the computer screen you just printed. At first a novice computer user might be confused thinking that they are back at the same web page again that they had just captured. They might even find themselves trying to click on it with their mouse and thinking their computer is frozen. But what they are looking at is a captured picture of exactly what they had on their screen before they went to the Paint program.

This image that you have, can now be saved. Simply select Save As, Paint will offer you several file options, such as BMP’s to GIF’s but select JPG as your file type for the easiest use. Give your file a name and tell it where you want the picture to be saved and then say OK. Your new picture is now saved.

Once your picture is saved, you can open it in any photo editing software you might be using, and make changes to it such as cropping or any other editing you might want to do with it. Or you can do this task using the Paint Program tools with a little practice. If you decide to edit in Paint, then select the “box” tool. Drag a box around the part of the image you want to save and then select “Copy”. Go to new file and Paint will once again open with a blank screen. Then select “Paste” and the image that you highlighted with the box will now be your image. Save that with a new file name if you want to keep your original screen shot.


  • With a little practice you can do a screen shot of your computer screen and have it saved in less than a minute. It makes it real simple if you want to include a quick picture of something you are looking at to a friend on IM or include in a quick email to someone.
  • I usually consider Screen Shots as temporary files and like to have a folder on my desktop labeled Screen Shots. I simply save the files there, that way they are easy to find and can be easily deleted once I am finished using them.If they are something I want to save, I move them later into whatever folder I choose.
  • Screen shots are a quick and easy way to add pictures to your Bukisa articles or other writing sites.
  • Screen shots are an easy way to add pictures to your blogs or other social networking sites.
  • Take the time to play with and learn about all of the neat things you can do with the Paint program on your computer. it is a very useful tool that can help you accomplish many quick editing tasks.

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