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     Over the past year in my internet endavors,there has been nothing but total disappointment to know that there is so many creepers, cheaters and ruthless gutless and guiltless people online who try to steal your hard earned money everday.

     They come in all disguises from penniless, homeless, husbandless, wifeless, desperate to frollicking on the beach,owning new homes,and driving Jaguars.Knowing that there are real people who are indeed in financial  difficulty .The problem will always remain due to the amount of people searching for a true solution.

     My own loss of over $500.00, which may not seem to be a lot of money to some people, but believe me is quite a bit of money to me and probably many more people, was enough of a motivater for me to write this article on Bukisa which to me, is a total breath of fresh air from all the other useless business sites that are on the internet.

     Bukisa encourages you to write about things that matter to you without having to unload a bundle of money on something that will never make you any money, only cost you more to learn more which is what keeps these scums online and earning. This is the question, if someone needs to explore ways to improve there money matters, why should they have to spend money they don’t have to start a business.

    My story is not new probably written hundreds of times, talked about hundreds of times, it’s just to bad it has not been fixed hundreds of times. I know the line that’s business,but for everything and everyone the internet was intended to empower and inspire I think the line subject to change without warning is much more appropriate.

    This is my first article on Buskisa and admittedly not very good,but they will get better and you know what it will not cost me another penny thanks Buskisa               Wallyhenderson890@gmail.com


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